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Web Global Bank is the main link in the
chain of successful

investments between long-term projects and
private investment.

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Company's mission

Web Global Bank acts as a link, creating an effective investors and perspective companies tandem in the medicine, Hitech, nano technology and IT field. We make the startup investment process sustainable, reliable and guaranteed to be profitable.

About WGB

Our company managed to successfully combine guaranteed passive income and perspective investments within one interaction system. We are interested in advanced technological projects and startups, which price will definitely grow soon. Highly-experienced professionals team accompanies the interaction process between the investor and a potentially profitable project or private company.

This activity format guarantees the investments safety without unnecessary risks and brings a high passive income. We have brought investment to a new level, increasing profitability and convenience for all parties while using modern blockchain technologies and electronic payment systems.

Our benefits


Web Global Bank relies on startups in new technologies and scientific developments field.


Possible risks absence guarantee due to diversification among multiple projects.

High passive income

Highly-effective investment tools appliance contributes to the profits increase for a short time period.

Innovative format

We excluded bureaucratic procedures and financial monitoring services, reducing potential profit growth from the investment process.


The project is guaranteed to bring controlled profits due to a wide established investment objects network.

Investment offer

Interest is accrued on each client’s personal account every day. The deposit made from the selected investment portfolio, as well as dailyaccruals, are available for withdrawal upon the investment plan termination.

Profit calculation

Enter amount
3.6% from 100 to 5000 USDDeposit term: 60 daysThe main body of deposit is included to daily accruals
In a day
Payback period
For the entire period

5% referral program for all investment plans